Caring for your polymer clay and resin earrings.

Your earrings are made from components of hand-molded polymer clay and/or resin. Even though these earrings are durable and strong, they still require careful handling.

The best way to keep your earrings looking great long-term is to store them in a dry cool spot. To keep them looking their absolute best and to prevent breakage or colour damage, store your earrings on a holder away from the direct sun.

Polymer Clay is a porous material. Use a damp cloth to wipe in-between wearing and to remove scuffs. If you find some marks don't come off you can use a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad and wipe sparingly to remove the mark. Be careful not to use too much alcohol or this will damage the polymer clay.

Do not get your earrings wet. Keep them away from perfumes or harsh chemicals to preserve the colours!

If your brass pieces become tarnished, apply lemon juice or ketchup over the brass components and rub the pieces with a dry cloth.

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